Wednesday, June 06, 2007

still here.
you thought I'd gone away didn't you?

in my absence:

I've learned that crayon will come off leather chair, wooden cabinets, tv screens, and a sofa.

I've learned my children cannot be left alone for longer than 3 minutes without getting into mischief.
and now they plot together. I figure our house will be completely destroyed by 2009.

I had a root canal.
which was wonderful! I mean I actually got to recline in a chair for a couple of hours, singing in my head to the tunes on my ipod, without any screaming crying children running around wreaking havoc everywhere.
I just might break some of my other teeth so I can go back.

I've found 8 scorpions in our house over the last month or so. They were immediately annhilated.
Sophie is an excellent scorpion spotter. She spotted the world's smallest scorpion in Holden's room, looked like a speck of dirt, and no bigger than an ant.
The baby was suffocated in a jar so I could precisely measure it without fear of being stung. measured 5 mm.
shudder, shudder.

Along with scorpions, we clean up a lot of poop and pee in our house. Holden must remove his diaper whenever he deficates or urinates (i'm using my fifty cent words instead of shit and piss).
If he's in his own room he'll take off his diaper, then take all 100 wipes out of the wipey box to clean up, but he won't get nearly any of the poop wiped off. So then we have poop on the bed, on the floor, on the bookshelf, on the rocking chair, and other various places. I've got his closet doors tied up so at least he can't get to all the stuff in there.

I've gotten a little wiser though. I put the little potty in his room.
and after a few days, hooray! this morning he pooped in his little potty. then set it on top of his bed like a trophy
go Holden!

whilst I have many other lessons I'd like to share with you, my free time is up.