Tuesday, May 31, 2005

fun in the pool

fun in the pool
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Here's Sophie in her pool (still in her pajamas) as we were filling it up. She just couldn't resist hopping in and splashing around! She had a blast!!
This is the girl who hates to get her hair wet in the tub you know.

more fun

more fun
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Friday, May 27, 2005

I'm a total Obsessive Compulsive Freak!

And if you know anything about my family, you'll know where this comes from.
My lastest obsession is BO BICE! I've even taught Sophie to say "Bo Bice rocks!" (which actually comes out "Bo Bice has rocks!")
I'm so upset he lost American Idol, but it's ok because he'll be famous and awesome anyway!!!
So I've been online all day finding Bo Bice songs to download. Yes, I've gotten every song he sang for American Idol, and also found ones from his band, Sugar Money.
So if you too are obsessed with Bo like me you can find songs here and here.
I will also be ordereing his cd from Sugar Money.
This latest obsession stems directly from my other lastest obsession of downloading music. Dw bought me an ipod for Mother's Day and now I feel like I must have EVERY SINGLE SONG I'VE EVER LISTENED TO AND LIKED on it.
You can list these newest obsessions under my general "computer addiction" which also includes my compulsion to read blogs of complete strangers. I know I'm not the only out there with this problem!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

bottle time

bottle time
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Big sister likes to help feed Holden his bottle.

Lauren & Soph

Lauren & Soph
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Here's Sophie and her "Aunt" Lauren at the Hawaiin Luau!

sleep tight

sleep tight
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big boy

big boy
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I just love the adult looking clothes they make for babies. Doesn't he look so grown up?


I'll tell you what really pisses me off.
It's these morons in their humango Suburbans, Yukons, Escalades, Pickups,...that can't park them! Anytime I go somewhere I'm bound to see at least one or two of these idiots in the parking lot that can't seem to get their ginormous frikin vehicle IN BETWEEN THE LINES!! I mean if you're going to drive one of these things (which I have nothing against) then learn how to park it!!

Yes, today I took the kids out to this little park and when we got back to the car- there it was.
Stupid idiot in an Escalade, parked over the line, so I could barely even open my door to get in.
I had to sqeeeeeze myself in and then try and maneuver Sophie into her carseat with like 6 inches of room.
Not only did my car door jam into their car, there was no other way around that, I felt obliged to write a little note to them. With no paper around I decided to leave a message on their rear windshield, writing into the dirt with my finger "JERK!" I had plenty of other names I wanted to use, but couldn't be totally obscene seeing there were lots of children in the area.
I'm going to start carrying little post-it notes around so when this happens again I can really give them a piece of my mind!

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Sweet things...
Sophie wanted Holden to sit on her lap today. She held him on her lap (with some help from Mom) and read him a story. She showed him the pictures in the book and told him what was on the pages. Holden stared up at her and gave her his big toothless grins!

Fun things...
Mom went out with the girls downtown for a night of fun! We started at Cubre Libre and had some nibbles and drinks. Then we headed to Cedar Street for some live music, drinks, cool people, and lots of dancing! Definitely need to do that more often!!

Hot things...
Two days in a row we've had record breaking heat. Already over 100 degrees. They say it's going to be a very hot and dry summer.

Sad things...
Sophie's last day of school was Thursday. Sad for her because she enjoys going to school and playing with her friends and teachers. Sad for Mom because I enjoyed the time off. I am looking at getting a babysitter to come one morning a week for the summer. This will give me a little break and time to run errands without having to lug two kids around with me.

Things to look forward to...
We'll be taking a trip to Canada this July. Should be a nice reprieve from the Texas heat! We'll visit with Dwayne's family and also celebrate Sophie's second birthday there.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What to do?

So here's the story.
We had really wanted to eliminate Sophie's pacifier by Christmas, and then it was gonna be by the time Holden was born, but for some reason or another it just didn't happen. She relies on the paci to help her sleep. (And we definitely wanted her to sleep!) She's only allowed to have it for naps and bedtime. But it needs to be a goner by the time she turns two (in July)!
I have tried putting her to sleep without it before, but she asks for it and cries until I give it to her. I have been talking it up a lot lately "Oh, Sophie big girls don't need paci's. Paci's are for babies, like Holden. Pretty soon paci's going to be gone."
So my question is should we:
A) just lose it one day. Tell her it's gone, we lost it, or threw it away, etc. and let her cry it out ??
B) make her a part of the losing of the paci. Talk it up for a day or so and then we throw it away together. Do the whole "you're a big girl" bit and "big girls don't need paci's" ??

Please send me your advice and comments!!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Party Weekend!

Yes it was a party weekend. However "partying" has a much different meaning now than a few years ago.
Before children, a party weekend meant an entire day out on the lake, lots of beer, smoking, and other fun activities that adults like to do. (ya know whatta I mean)*wink wink* Or a night downtown, live music, dancing, bar-hopping, meeting up with other friends,... you get the picture. Acting crazy if you wanted because you didn't have a daughter who watches everything you do and wants to do exactly the same. (no more flashing boobies down on 6th street- just kidding)

But nowadays, a party weekend consists of daytime affairs that are scheduled around naptimes. The partying involves bouncy moonwalks, balloons, birthday cake, kid toys, water guns, and crying because little kids don't know how to share.

The parties this weekend were indeed fun. Sophie had a blast playing at both of them! One was a Hawaiian luau and the other a birthday party for our one year old friend.

It's just a different kind of fun now.

Friday, May 13, 2005

May 11, 2002

May 11, 2002
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Happy Anniversary!
3 years, 2 kids, and LOTS of great memories so far!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

my siblings

I forgot to mention my sister and SIL/brother have both started their own blogs now too!
Check them out if you'd like.

Happy 2 month bday

Yesterday Holden turned 2 months old. Hard to believe it. I swear it was only 2 weeks ago!
At 2 months old he likes to...
smile at his Mom and Dad (and big sissy too)
talk to us, he tells us stories that sound like "ahh", "coo", and "goo"
hold his head up when he's on his tummy
cry when he rides in the car (why??)
And his favorite is to be in Mom's arms!

heads up

heads up
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I'm a big 2 months old now!

Ima Cutie

Ima Cutie
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All spiffed up ready to go to the mall.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

More pictures

If you click on one of the pictures below it will take you to Flickr, where there are MORE pictures to look at!

And no, the ink stains never did fully come out of Sophie's Roots shirt. We tried Mama Duck's advice of rubbing alcohol, which made it a little bit lighter. And then a few soakings in OxyClean helped more of it come out. And then I bought some special stain remover specifically for ink and crayon stains- that worked the best. But after too many soakings the pink in the shirt started coming off too. I finally decided to give up and decided the shirt will be resigned to "play clothes" now.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


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My mom is the funniest lady in the world!

mom and Holden

mom and Holden
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This strap tickles my chin.


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Mommy was trying to put a ponytail in my hair. Haha, I'm too quick for her!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

few more tidbits

a couple more things to tell...
Sophie had another poop on the potty Tuesday. Yea! But then in her diaper today. Oh well, at least we're on the right path...

And Holden had his first boner yesterday! I didn't realize they started this early. Oh Daddy was so proud!
I was changing his diaper and there it was- sticking straight up! At first I thought he was getting ready to squirt on me, so I covered it back up. But after repeating this many times, I realized he wasn't getting ready to pee, he had a boner! I touched it, and yep, it was hard. So I announced out loud, "Oh, Holden has a boner!" which my parrot, Sophie, proceeded to repeat "Holden has a boner. Holden has a boner."

I'm cheaper than you

I have some friends who will only buy their childrens' clothes at Gymboree or Gap. I secretly call them the "kiddie clothes snobs."
Gap, Gymboree...HA! I will never pay their prices!
"But the quality is so much better. They'll last forever and they don't fade."
Great, but how long is your kid gonna actually gonna wear them?? Probably 6 months or so before they outgrow them.
"Oh, Gap's having a really good sale right now. You get 2 for $20. You can mix and match the shirts and shorts."
Ummm, $20 is the sale??!! For a kid's outfit? That they will spill spaghetti sauce on, tear a hole in, color on, or simply outgrow in a few months? Don't think so. That's not much of a sale in my book.
Now a real deal can be found down at your local Target store (my FAVORITE store). 2 for $10 or sometimes even cheaper. There is nothing wrong with Target clothes. They're cute, afforable, and I've never had a problem with the quality.
The snobs say that Target clothes don't hold up like the other clothes. True. But if the shirt gets wrecked, who cares? you only paid a few bucks for it anyway. Old Navy ain't so bad either.
Now I'll say occasionally I do splurge and buy something full price for a special occasion- Christmas dress, an especially extra cute outfit Sophie has to have, etc. But I'd have to say my max price is still only about $15-20 for the whole outfit.
And I DO buy Gymboree or Gap... from the resale shop or TJMax. Shhhh. don't tell. Of course the snobs would know that Sophie's Gymboree shirt was so last season!

Monday, May 02, 2005

The big poop

Today was the day Sophie went poo poo on the potty for the first time!! She came and told me she had to go potty so I put her on. She said she was going poo poo (but she says that every time and only goes pee). I went to get a new diaper and when I came back... Surprise!... there was a load in her little potty! I was so excited I wanted to take a picture of it, but then decided that might be a little gross. I think only a mommy can get this excited over poop!
I went back out to get wipes, knowing darn well that if I left Sophie in there with it she was gonna stick her hand in it. Sure enough, I came back and she held out her hands with brown guck on them.
We watched the poop get flushed down the toilet and waved bye-bye to it.
I told Sophie I was soooo proud of her and gave her some stickers to celebrate.