Monday, August 27, 2007


you can see our pics here .

We flew to Toronto and headed east to the quaint little town of Port Hope, where Dwayne's mum lives.
Our adventures included trips to the beach, getting naked and wet (that would be Holden and Sophie), outdoor barbeques, browsing shops downtown, splashing in the Ganaraska River, and lots of playing in the garden. Dwayne and I even escaped for two nights out!

After that we headed to the city to visit Dwayne's dad, his three cute younger brothers and Lori included. We visited a petting zoo, a splash park, had nice dinners together- including a mandatory trip to Swiss Chalet for french fries... mmmmm, and played a lot with Comso in the backyard.
We stayed in a sweet suite at the top of the Double Tree with windows all around, a giant bathtub in the bedroom with mirrored walls, and a private room for the kids.

The Lummins were manageable and completely spoiled by their grandparents, allowing us all to have a good time. I give this trip two thumbs up!