Thursday, June 30, 2005

The pull-up

naked bum
the diaper on

These are Sophie's attempts at putting on her own diaper. Good try Sophie!
(Notice that both legs are in the same hole)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

She's too smart I tell ya

We were at the library for our weekly Monday afternoon of killing time and keeping Sophie entertained. Oh I mean we were there reading and checking out books to enrich my child's mind. Yep, that's it.
So anyway it was time to leave. She never wants to leave. I kept reminding her that in a few minutes we were going to go home (trying to avoid a big tantrum at the surprise of having to leave). And then I say "Sophie it's time to go home."
"No." (big surprise there)
"We have to go home so we can cook dinner and see Daddy."
"Ok, I'm leaving."
I walk away out of sight and watch her behind the bookshelf. She looks up and says matter of factly "She not leave me."
What?!?! She's totally supposed to fall for that for at least another year. She's not even two yet- how does she know I'm not really going to leave her?

scorpion update

Well I found one more live one, very tiny, but thank goodness Dwayne was home to save me. He killed it quickly and without so much as blinking. Me on the other hand, he had to calm down.
That makes 3 live ones in about 3 weeks. Too many for me!!
I have serious scorpion anxiety now.
My friend Carrie sent some websites on how to get rid of scorpions. While reading all the suggestions people also talked about the places you find the scorpions...crawling out of the light fixtures/ceiling fans, in your closet, shoes, your bed linens, under appliances, etc.
While I'm reading all this I start feeling them everywhere. The tag scratching my neck was a scorpion, the computer cord that just moved was a scorpion, the noises from Holden were scorpions, the spots on the floor... they were everywhere I tell you! I got really freaked and think I had a full on anxiety attack.
It hasn't gotten much better. I am constantly on "scorpion alert"- wearing shoes at all times, turning on the lights and scanning the floors, freaking out if something unfamiliar so much as touches or tickles me. I've had nightmares about them.
Like I said, I have serious scorpion anxiety.
My mind thinks the house is filled with them and at any turn I'm going to find one and they'll attack me.
So yesterday was no good when I DID find one. This one was dead, long dead and even in pieces. But it was a scorpion none the less.
Thank goodness we'll be leaving for Canada soon. I don't think they have scorpions up there. I can take a break from all my anxiety and the hard work of being on scorpion patrol all day long.
Of course when I come back my house will be full of them again.
I feel like my dad being so obsessive... I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Our weekend excursion

My friend Renee got married this weekend out at this lovely ranch in the little town of Fayetteville, TX. It was a nice getting away from the weekend usuals around here. And so peacefful out in the country. What a nice time!
We left Friday with the car packed for a two week long trip- if you have small kids then you know what I'm talking about- the pack n' play, snacks, sippy cups, diapers (lots of em!), wipes, breastpump, toys, clothes, pacifiers, thermometer, children's tylenol... and the list goes on and on. But we were gonna be out in the middle of the country so you never know what your gonna need. And there's no local Walgreens or HEB to run to quickly if you forgot something.
So anyway, we got there Friday and went to our little farmhouse we rented for the weekend. So cute and quaint... please take a look at our photos in the Fayetteville slideshow.
Sophie was SO excited to see real cows! We also got to see horses, goat, sheep, ducks... she she would say "just like my farm at home" (her Little People Farm).
Then we tooted around the little town for awhile; met some interesting country folk.
One lady who was sitting on her front porch swing came out to chat with us and admire the babies. She went on to tell us the names of all her relatives (including her brothers, sisters, 13 grandchildren, and 27 great grandchildren), the neighbors, their names, ages, and how long each had lived there. Yes, one of the perks of living in a small town: an elderly know-it-all who knows your business and everybody else's in town too!
Saturday we helped get ready for the wedding. I'm a little upset at myself for forgetting to take a good picture of the ranch where it was held- duh!
But the wedding was short and sweet and the reception was a lot of fun. Got to see an old friend from college, Carrie, who I haven't seen in forever!
Sophie stayed up way past her bedtime but did surprisingly well. Of course we PAID the next day!
We took our time leaving Sunday and planned it so the kids took their naps in the car on the way home. Ahhh, peace and quiet. Nothing like the trip on the way there where Holden cried, I mean screamed, for about 45 minutes. That was delightful. He finally calmed down after I got in the backseat. Then Sophie and I watched Baby Einstein on the DVD player in the back. She thought that was pretty cool. And what do you thnk she wants to do now everytime we get in the car?

Friday, June 24, 2005

the SPF (stuff portraits Friday)

This week we have:
-something stolen (or borrowed and not returned)
-unopened (or unused) present you forgot to return
-your perfume or cologne

I know you will all be SO jealous of these glasses. But you cannot have them! I stole them fair and square from the hockey rink. They used to be the glasses that the skate-sharpener person would wear, but they matched my outfit that night and I HAD to have them. And they look so much better on me anyway!
THE glasses

The big bottles, the formula, the car bottle warmer... never opened them or used them. I kept saving them just in case I might use them, but never needed them.
unused stuff

This is why I smell so good...
my perfume

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mommy and Holden

Mommy loves Holden

I hardly ever get in the pictures since I'm always the one taking them. So I thought I'd post one of me and my cute boy.
Holden's three months old now and getting so heavy to carry around in that darn carseat carrier.
He likes to smile and play with us a lot. He likes watching his big sister too (I just hope he's not learning how to throw a mean temper tantrum like her).
And here we are in my favorite seat of the house- the one in front of the computer of course.
I told Dwayne we would have to bring his tablet (seen in background) along when we go on vacation to Canada. And he's like "I don't want to carry a computer along. Why do we need to bring a computer with us?"
Um, H-E-L-L-O!?!? "I'm Jackie, have we met?"
I have serious computer needs. My 20+ daily blogs to read, my email, my Bo Bice updates, music, photos, do I need to go on? And people will want to read about our trip to Canada on my blog.
I'm still recovering from that silly question.

too hot

Sophie: "Mommy, I want to go play outside."

Mommy: "Not right now, it's too hot outside" (like 99 degrees)

Sophie: "I'll go blow on it." Goes to window and blows. "Ok, it's just right."

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Scorpions that is.

My weekly babysitter, who is deathly afraid of bugs- cockroaches, scorpions, spiders,... calls me this morning while I'm out shopping.
"I just wanted to say that Holden's ok, so don't get worried that I'm calling. But I found a scorpion! Actually, Archie found it and was playing with it." panic in her voice
"UGH! I hate those things." me, wondering if she'll actually be able to kill it.
She wanted to get the bugspray and kill it from afar, but I wasn't sure about flooding our wood floors with that stuff. But I definitely didn't want it running around free.
"Do you think you could get one of Dwayne's shoes and kill it?"
"Well I'm really afraid to. Maybe I can put a box over it and trap it til you get home."
"Ok, you can get shoebox and put something heavy on top of it so Archie doesn't want to play with it some more."

Later when I get home, there's a shoebox with a footstool on top, surrounded by 2 dining room chairs. Just to be safe.
I don't blame her.
Why is it that I always find the scorpions when Dwayne isn't home?!? I have to be the brave one! Have to kill them and make our house safe for the children. That is really the only reason I think I'm able to do it.

I carefully removed the chairs, stool, and box and screamed as I beat the thing mercilessly to death. 20 whacks with my shoe did the job. Then 12 papertowels to pick it up and throw it in the garbage. Meanwhile my heart is racing and I'm practically shaking, but the babysitter is cheering me on!

Everytime I find one of these fuggers I am scared for a week or so in the house. I start seeing them everywhere, the dead leaf on the floor, the dark spot on the wood, the pattern on the rug... and then I get scared to walk around barefoot too. And I love to walk around barefoot- who wants to wear shoes in the house?

Please send some juju my way that keeps all the scorpions away!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Here's a peek at our Father's day...
sleepy Sunday
Hmmm...looks like a lot of sleeping!
sleepy heads

And the tiniest, cutest feet ever...
Tiny feet

More pictures

Yes I was in a picture-taking sort of mood this weekend!
And there are even more at Flickr- just click on one of the pictures and it'll take you there to see more.
You know what I love about digital cameras? You can take naked pictures and don't have to worry about the perverted photo lab guy keeping them or refusing to give them back to you. Oh yeah, and you can take lots and lots of pictures, ditch the ones you don't want without having to worry about wasting an entire roll of film.

Here's our house...
our house

The Saturday morning coffee...
Morning Coffee

The newly refinished deck
new deck

The almost-two-year-old who can be SO cute and sweet, yet can turn right around and be a big pain-in-the-butt!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Self Portraits Friday!

Here we go:

Stuff that makes you wonder "What Was I Thinking?"
Bad, bad, bad! I'm not sure what I was thinking... they taste sooooo good with beer!
I quit when I got pregnant with Sophie (one of the hardest things ever to do). But they are still so tempting and now that I'm not pregnant it's nice to indulge every once in awhile.

Stuff you're obligated to keep/display
eliptical trainer
I feel obligated to keep this wonderful eliptical trainer that I have. It's great for when I actually exercise. But for some reason I just haven't found the time to get on in the last year or so. (hmmm, maybe I'm spending too much time on the computer) But "I SWEAR I'm gonna use it." Someday.

Something you think no one else owns
dress beautiful dress
I KNOW no one else has a dress quite like this one. Isn't it fabulous?
An original made by my mother back in the 60's. I used to wear it as a child for dress-ups. And now... well I do have a wedding to go to next weekend...

Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm going CRAZY!

Somebody please tell me these "terrible twos" don't last an entire year! And I certainly don't want to hear it's longer!
It has gotten absolutely ridiculous around here! Where did my cute, sweet Sophie go??
She has entered some invisible doorway that said "Welcome to the terrible twos!" We did not see this door (and she's not even two yet), but you DEFINITELY know she's gone through!
She is driving me CRAZY!!! The whining and crying and screaming that goes on ALL day long! Sometimes I want to strangle her, or tape her mouth shut at least. She is frustrating the living bejeesus out of me. I try to be patient, but everything has to be "just so" for Sophie. And dare you get it WRONG!!
What really gets me is that after 20 minutes of trying to get Holden to sleep, and he's finally resting peacefully... "WAAHHHHHHHHH!" Sophie starts wailing because I didn't get something exactly right. On the first try.

"No not that cup Mommy"
"Ok, this cup Sophie?"
"NO,not THAT cup. THAT cup!"
"This one?"
"NOT THAT ONE!! NOT THAT ONE!! WAHHHHHH!!" stomping her feet and crying now
"Ok, go get the cup you want."
"Fine, you get this cup and if you don't want it, don't drink it."

I answer Dwayne's phone the other day...
"That's not your phone. THAT'S NOT YOUR PHONE!! THAT'S DADDY"S PHONE! THAT'S NOT YOUR PHONE!!" stomping feet and crying again

"I'm hungry Sophie."
"I'm hungry Mommy."
"Me too."
"No, you're not hungry."
"I am hungry. Let's get some food."
"NO!! You're NOT hungry Mommy!"

Geesh! This goes on with every. little. thing.
When will it end??!!!??


Dwayne and I got a babysitter on Sunday so we could enjoy some time together out on the boat. Went to Lake Austin, met up with some friends, had a few beers, some great times. As we're cruising down the lake, we see another boat go by (well lots went by), but a few seconds after this boat went past we see it vear off and then there's a huge wall of spray coming from the bank.
We look at each other, we're like "Was that just a boat? No, had to be a jet-ski. A boat did not just crash into the shore."
Either way, we knew we had to get over there to help somebody out. We get to the bank and after all the spray from the propellers stops, we see it IS a boat!

freakin idiot
(the picture is after the guy's taken away and the boat's all cleaned up)

Un-freaking-believable! We watched this guy run his boat, full speed into the bank. He get's up and we're shouting "Are you OK? Is there anybody else with you?", cause we only see one guy.
He stands up, wobbling, waves his hand "I'm ok" and kind of waves us off as if there was nothing wrong. Meanwhile there's blood rivering down the boat from him. He is obviously NOT ok! We head over to help him along with our friends in their boat, call 911, and try and help the guy. It took FOREVER to finally get the EMS and police there to help. Um, thank goodness it was not a life-or-death situation because he would've been dead. And speaking of dead, this guy was LUCKY. Had he been a few feet to the right or left he would've smashed into a tree and really been messed up if not dead.
We ask the guy what happened. "Um, the boat's got some tricky steering"
Yeah, well you do have to keep your hands on the steering wheel.
"Have you been drinking?"
"Just a few beers. Maybe 4."
Probably 4 in the last half an hour. The guy was drunk!
He had just dropped off his friends so he was by himself. Luckily he realized he was going to crash and got in the middle of his boat, which wrecked his leg (that's where the blood was coming from). If he has stayed in the driver's seat it would have been his head- ouch!
After all the chaos and an hour of our babysitting money gone to helping this idiot, we're just glad he crashed into the bank and not our boat. People like this should not be driving a boat.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Stuff Portraits Friday

So this is what all the cool bloggers do on Fridays. And since I'm cool, I'll be doing it now too! Enjoy the pictures.
Each week will be something new according to Kristine.

Something I have that I want more of

jewelry of course. I love earrings and necklaces. *hint, hint Dwayne*
Diamonds would be nice.

Something I have that I want less of

Ugh! This baby fat could go away! Seriously I wouldn't miss it at all.
Hopefully a couple more months and I'll be back down to my pre-pregnancy size.

Something I have that I am completely satisfied with as is

My adorable children!! Just the right number. I love them to pieces!!
So go ahead and make a comment and tell me how cute they are.

3 month old Holden

3 month old Holden
Originally uploaded by lucky lum.
This is Sophie's attempt at dressing him. She got the hat on and was trying for more socks.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

It would have made a really funny movie

Oh the chaos of today! Would have loved to have captured it on film so I could watch it and laugh my ass off later over a cold beer.
Here's how it went down:
We set up a little pool in the yard, so I thought we'd invite a few of Sophie's little friends over to play. They could swim in the pool, play in the sandbox, we could order some lunch, and us moms could chit chat. No big deal. Sounds like a nice little morning.
WRONG! If only my daughter were a little more easy going and didn't have such a humangous problem with sharing her toys...
the pool was fun for everyone, the sandbox and swingset was good too. But come 11:30ish, it all went downhill. Hungry and tired kids (a great mix for some serious crying). We went inside to feed some of the little kids and dry off, change clothes. But poor Sophie had to be on the lookout if ANYONE were to touch and play with her toys. With 3 other kids that was a lot of work for her to keep up with! So dare anyone get one of her toys- "WAHHHHHH!...Mine, mine mine!...It's not yours, it's Sophie's!..." ok.
Then no one could sit in the chairs. The chairs were either Sophie's, Mommy's, or Daddy's. Certainly not our friends that came over to play and eat. And Ina's sandals. Don't know what the deal was with that, but Sophie wanted to carry them around and if Ina wanted them back- NOOO! WAHHHHH!!. And she wanted Mommy to hold her and make it all better. Except Holden would cry if I set him down, so I couldn't hold the two of them very well.
About this time, my cleaning ladies showed up. I had to drag the dogs downstairs into the garage. While I was doing this the doorbell rang and our food had arrived. I was getting the money out to pay him and then my phone started ringing, meanwhile the background noise is crying children, and one screaming child (mine). Then Holden started rooting around and crying because he was hungry too. I'm not kidding all of this happened at once! It was too funny.
So now I'm nursing Holden, standing up eating my food, trying to calm Sophie down, getting drinks for everyone and thinking how a morning that seemed so simple in planning turned out to be a lot more than that!
We laughed about it of course and said we should definitely do this again.
Oh yeah and then our inside cat, Archie, escaped and ran into the woods as they were leaving. We tried to capture him. No luck.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

This day will go down in history

This was the day I got out of Target for less than $50! This has never happened before. Ever.
In fact my bill was $20. "How can this be?" I asked myself and the cashier. For a second I thought I might need to turn around and go back in to buy more. But I didn't. I wanted this to be a record breaking day! And it is. Mark this day down in history.
I mean even when I just run in to return something, somehow I find more things I need. And then my trip to return items and save money turns into a trip of buying more and suddenly at the checkout counter the lady says something unbelievable like $85 or $125 or sometimes even worse! And if I try to stay away from the store it's much worse. Because then when I finally do go I just end up spending that much more in the amount of what all my weekly bills would have all added up to.

Today I got to peruse the aisles of Target and Central Market ALL BY MYSELF. My weekly babysitter came to give me a break for awhile. Awesome! Had lunch by myself. So nice.

Next week Sophie starts back at school. She'll be going 3 days a week for three weeks. I think she's going to be happy. She'll get to see her friends, play, paint, color, sing songs, and do all kinds of other kid-fun activities!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

new shoes

new shoes
Originally uploaded by lucky lum.
These are Sophie's stylish new shoes.
She wants to wear them ALL the time now!

Absolutely Fabulous!

absolutely fabulous!
Originally uploaded by lucky lum.
As soon as I woke up I wanted to wear my cool new shoes and sunglasses!
Don't I look fabby darling?