Monday, January 31, 2005

Rainy days

The last few days have been rainy and cool. We mostly stayed inside this weekend and did a whole lot of nothing. Sophie and the dogs are sad because they can't go out and play. Archie decided he would make a run for it and escape. Not very smart Archie! He doesn't like to be wet but he still hasn't come back yet.

This morning at breakfast Sophie pointed out the window and said "deer." (She says this often though because she wants to see the deer.) But sure enough there were 6 of them in the back yard! They seem to travel in little groups together. We watched them for awhile and you would have gotten to see a nice picture if I had remembered to put fresh batteries in the camera.

Tomorrow Sophie goes to school and it's her long day (9:30-3:00). This is my favorite day! Not that I don't love her and enjoy spending time with her! It's just nice to have a day to get stuff done and hopefully sneak in a little nap too. My errands for tomorrow include getting new underwear. Surprise, surprise- mine don't fit my big butt anymore!

Feet Down!

feet down
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"Feet Down!" Sophie says as she puts her feet up on the table and gives me a sheepish grin.
This has been the new game since she's joined us at the big table. She knows she's supposed to keep her feet down, but loves to stick them on the table just to see if she can get a rise out of Mommy or Daddy.
She puts her feet up and then if I ignore her she makes a point of saying "Mommy, feet down!"
I even hear her telling her baby "feet down" when she puts her in her high chair.
Maybe one of these days it will click and she'll ACTUALLY do it!


shoppin again
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My baby and I are grocery shopping

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Chasing Sophie

These are just some things I have discovered.
Being 8 months pregnant, carrying a watermelon around inside is hard work when you have to take care of a toddler!! Some of you may know this already.
I can't even reach to put my own shoes on anymore (flip-flops are my everyday foot attire) so it's quite a struggle to capture my little Sophie and get her changed and dressed. She wants to be very independent of course and does not want to get dressed when Mommy says it's time. And so begins the chase of capturing her and sitting her down. Once she's captured we take off the pjs and diaper and begin to put on her clothes, that's usually when I realize I've forgotten her socks or something. So, I have to heave my big butt up off the floor again (a struggle) and then Sophie is off and running down the hall. Then round 2 begins of capturing her and finishing getting dressed. After that I clean up the room she has now made a mess of while getting ready.
And when we are both finally dressed and ready to go, do you think Sophie is ready to walk downstairs? Duh...NO! She apparently is never ready to do things when Mommy is- and vice versa! And so goes the next tantrum of her crying... I have to chase her and then she likes to pretend she's helpless and needs me to carry her downstairs. (Oy- my back!)
When we've finally gotten it all together and are heading out the door I glance at the clock and groan. It's only 10:00??!!?? I feel like I've already had an entire day!

So after we did get out of the house we enjoyed a beautiful morning outside today. It is gorgeous here- sunny and mid 70s -you gotta love that in January! We ventured over to the Zilker Botanical Gardens. It was a nice place, but perhaps January is not the ideal time of year to go, as nothing is blooming at the time. Oh well, it still felt good to get out and enjoy the fresh air and greenery!

I'm a big girl

I'm a big girl
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I've graduated from my high chair to the booster chair! I decided that I wanted to eat at the big table with Mommy and Daddy.

7 boxes

Yes, that is how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies I bought! 6 for me and 1 for Dwayne- ha ha!
I have been having Baaad cravings for desert all the time. Brownies, cookies, cake, ice cream... and unfortunately I've been giving in to all of them. I have justified it in my head that it's alright as long as I eat good meals- lots of fruits and veggies. Then it's ok to eat 3 brownies or 7 cookies.
So when I can't seem to lose the extra weight after baby and I'm bitching about it, you can all remind me of WHY!!

On another note. I have read a terrific book that I want to share! The book is "Gift From the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Charles Lindbergh's wife). The book is timeless. It's also a nice short, easy read. A must-read for women who are/have been married and/or have kids. It really made me feel like I was not so alone in my thoughts of "how the heck do I do it all?!?"- with marriage, running a household, raising kids, AND having time for myself.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

My first time

Well, we've joined the rest of the world and created our own blog spot now. Soon I'll get the hang of this and actually post something more interesting.
Today, Sophie has a fever which hasn't gone down even with Tylenol and Motrin. Needless to say she is not feeling great and wants to be a close to her daddy.
We did go to the mall and get her new shoes. You wanna know how long the last pair lasted before she grew out of them?! A month and a half- that's it!! $30 for a month and a half! I refuse to pay more than that so she got the plainest most boring pair of white shoes today. But at least they fit and I won't hear her complaining when it's time to put her shoes on. BTW- I've decided velcro is definitely the way to go!

feeding daddy

feeding daddy
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Here I am feeding Daddy. I like to pretend to feed bites to Mommy, Hendrix, Toni, and Archie too!

watching tv

watching tv
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Sophie likes to watch hockey with her daddy

fat lady

fat lady
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Look how huge I am already at the beginning of my 8th month!