Thursday, August 31, 2006

yes, I'm talking sex again. Specifically I'd like to know-
How old were you when you first had sex?

Last poll results:
Would you watch a public execution on tv?
17 of you responded yes; and 34 no

I wonder if the results would differ if I asked about a specific person...
say george w? osama bin laden? jeffrey dahmer? brittney spears?
I voted no. part of me might want to watch just to see if the image in my head was the same as the reality? would it not be as bad or would it be much, much worse?? I wouldn't want to watch the life of a person disappear forever in front of my face.
At the same time- if a crime were commited against my loved ones and the guilty party were sentenced to death, when the opportunity arouse to wacth their execution I would most probably definitely want to watch. For closure more than revenge though.

Rambling on... my tidbit of useless information for you this evening:
I ate 6 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today in a matter of 6 hours. I'm averaging a cookie per hour...calculating ahead, I should have the whole plate conquered by this time tomorrow evening!
I figure it's just like eating a really big bowl of oatmeal (albeit one loaded with butter, brown sugar and chocolate chips) but oatmeal is healthy!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ok, where did August go?

And today -mark it down in history- for the first time in nearly 4 months when I walked outside it felt COOL!
Cool meaning the temperature was BELOW 90 degrees.
ahhhh! we could actually walk down the driveway, take a stroll down the street without breaking into an immediate sweat and the overwhelming need to run back into the comforts of the air conditioning.

Our Canadian Oma (aka Dwayne's mum, Trudy) has been visiting us the last week and a half, gracing us all with her beautiful charismatic self! Her boundless energy and youth, and her genuine caring and interest leave an imprint in all those she encounters. And the lady knows how to have fun! She is a lovely person and we are so grateful for her and her abundant supply of love to us!

As for me, I CAN NOT wait til next week!! Kids start back to preschool.
That equals time. Time for me.
time to take a poop in peace. time to blog. time for photography. time for peace and quiet. time for solo Target shopping. time for cranking the volume on Eminem and singing "shake that ass for me!" and shouting all the curse words I want, if I want. time for appointments and errands. or time for nothing.
time. all mine.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The misery project I've begun...
be gone

Ridding our bathroom walls of the horrid mid-90s dark ugly green with gold diamondy shapes and stripes. yuck!
no offense if you like that stuff. But I’ve been staring at the ugliness for the last two half years. And although the corners are peeling the wallpaper will simply not remove itself!


So this weekend I grabbed my scraper and commenced stripping!
I stripped and peeled close to an hour and after stepping back to look at my progress I'm figuring I’ll be lucky to have this bathroom done in a year.

Plans are to paint the walls and perhaps one day replace the ugly outdated
brass hardware and cracked tiles. ahhh, a girl can dream... When we moved into this house we had a few rooms that we had planned to redecorate. After attempting to strip and rewallpaper the first room (one teeny tiny powder room), stepping waaaay over budget, and generally making a mess of things, I came to the conclusion that redecorating involves a lot of time and money (and skill).
But soon I was knocked up *Holden* and that seemed to be the end of any remodeling plans. Because babies too take a lot of time and money.

Now- no more babies and I can get back to my plans of a new bathroom!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

So now I know that most of you masterbate a few times a week. That is, if you all played fairly and voted only once (why is it I keeping thinking Memphis Steve probably came and clicked more than a few times?)
But why not? It feels good. Nothin wrong with a little self-lovin.
What really puzzles me are the people who voted "I Don't."
Weirdos... or they're LYING!

Oh but instead of sex this week I'm asking about death.
More specifically,
If there was a public execution on tv would you watch?

You can vote over there on the right.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Well I've got a quasi-photo studio going on at home here and have been imploring the Lummins to be my subjects for awhile.
They suck at sitting still.
All I need is for them to sit still long enough for me to compose a photo, lock in the tripod, and take a few shots on different settings.
Yeah, that's pretty much near impossible. They cannot sit still for 2 SECONDS! All they wanna do is jump on the bed and act silly.
I know, that sounds like more fun to you too...

So far, THIS is what I got.

p.s. I'll be back later with a new poll question.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's still blazing hot here and shall remain that way for quite some many months to come.
Nevertheless, OddMix has brought up the fact that the end of 'summer' vacation is drawing near. Summer Vacation? Very misleading if you ask me, if summer lasts from May to October 'round here then shouldn't summer vacation be that long??
I think the words for this Weekend's Word Challenge are REFRESH and RETURN. But I'm not sure I got the right words because I seem to be thouroughly scattered these days. The words could very well could be mope and frazzle, but that would have only left me taking self-portraits.

My RETURN picture was quite evident when someone finally returned home...

He returns!
my one and only.

What REFRESHS me...
The end of the day.
At last the temperature has fallen below 95.
Quiet. The children tucked in bed.
Perhaps a cocktail too.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Grandparents and little Lummins

I think this might have been my parents best trip yet.
It was a few hours on a plane compared to the usual two days of driving (and they both survived the flight without medication or alcohol). They seemed very relaxed and enjoyed four days of Lummin lovins!
And we've begun to plan they're big move to AUSTIN!!! Hooray Hooray!

But now we're down to 3.
We dropped my parents off at the airport this evening and it wouldn't be normal these days if my husband weren't traveling.
I do believe I'll take the advice of my friend and schedule a "business trip" for myself soon. like to Cancun, or Jamaica perhaps...

Tonight it's just me and the Lummins and a good bottle of wine.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One of the coolest things I like about my new lens is that it lets me be a spy of sorts. hiding and watching. Catching the unsuspecting at play.
Feeling like I’m right in the middle of the scene, but yards away.

don't take my picture



hot wind

I found a flag

My biggest dilemma with the zoom lens is the weight. You’d THINK that carrying around, picking up and setting down, the two Lummins throughout the days would make me strong enough to hold a few pounds of lens. But it’s when I try to hold it perfectly steady for that NOW moment, I always seem to get the slightest shake.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Well I'm here... the headache finally left yesterday and I'm alive again!
Dwayne is traveling again this week and I'm back to single-mom mode.
But I have something to look forward to. my parents are coming down for a visit this weekend!
Both of them are getting on a plane -they don't fly- and taking their first plane ride together, a practice trip of sorts before they take that eventual big trip out to Hawaii to visit my sister.

Random thought:
How long do you think the Lummins would last if I ran away?
I was just thinking today... I mean just for fun.
Would Sophie really kill her brother if left without supervision? or would she take over being Mom? would the dogs take rein and rule the house? or would they all go mad and attack each other??

I'm not going anywhere.

But I do have a new poll question.
Seeing that I'm a desperate housewife and all I'm curious about your sexual habits this week...

How often do you masterbate?

Now go over and vote!!