Friday, February 23, 2007

little Lummin updates~

he's hard to catch
so close to two. and he never stops going.
He's already gotten the 2-year old charm. you know, like throwing screaming-at-the-top-of-his-lung tantrums that can last long past twenty minutes.
and are thrown over NOTHING
So help me god I've tried turning the radio up full blast and rolling down the windows to make him shut the f up so I can drive without feeling like a train wreck waiting to happen. I hate when he wails in the car so blasted loud. I've learned to deal, but still feel quite on edge and ready to get the hell home whenever he does.

The boy is hilarious though. Imitates his big sister and irritates her too.
He loves exploring and pretend play, and is still quite obsessed and fasicinated with trains and trucks.
we call him Mr. messy for a reason. he uses his food for paint and clay and various displays of art, treats for the dogs, projectiles and weapons, and decoration for his clothes.
It's physicaly impossible for him to stay clean for 2 minutes.

He weighs about as much as Sophie and still wants to be carried like baby when he's tired.
but I carry him up the 25 stairs. I love the snuggle time at the end of the day, when he cuddles up tight and rocks in my lap while we read. when he wants me to read story after story before bedtime.
I want to freeze frame those moments forever. remember the smell, the color, the feel, the warmth and closeness.

her mop of crazy curls
Sophie, Crazy Curls, now has a few more imaginary friends. Along with Eddie, we have Freddie and just recently Eddie's sister, Nettie.
oh. kay.
And she also pretends to be a dog.
Sounds typical for a 3 year old imagination.
But Sophie's imagination is wilder than the typical. she walks around on all fours throughout most of the day. barking.
She refuses so be called Sophie and you must call whatever dog-of-the-day name she's chosen. usually rotating names are used such as Cocoa, Lucky, Astro, or Lady.
Last week I awoke to Cocoa barking in her room until I let her out.
That day she also balked at peeing on the potty. because "dogs don't pee on potties, they pee outside."
Yes, and dogs can wear muzzles and stay in dog crates.

I just go with the flow.
For these are phases. And like all before, they slowly pass and new delightful and or sometimes awful ones emerge.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

my Weekend Word Challenge photos:

salt & pepper,
black & white,
yin & yang,
something I strive for as a Libra, yet can never quite acheive. inevitably I tip the scales back and forth, continually see-sawing, yo-yoing, and aiming to find the closest thing to equilibrium I'll ever know.

this guy is way off-balance!
off with his head!

I know, a bit obvious and simple for parallel.
but these permeate nearly every room in our house, and that's just too much "parallel" to pass by.

and a few more new pics over on my Flickr site if you wanna see...