Sunday, January 28, 2007

This is the Weekend Word Challenge-
OddMix wants us to take pictures for the words START and AGAIN.

My first pair of Lucky jeans.

after much traveling to and from the dressing rooms, searching for that perfect pair of jeans and striking out every time, I was feeling quite low. the jeans fit in all the wrong places and didn’t fit in the right ones. (you know what I mean ladies)
But then last Thursday (I'd like to remember this as the day I fell in love with a pair of jeans),
I stumbled past the Lucky store at the mall...
A beautiful place with overflowing amounts of jeans in every different size, length, color, fit, stitch shine and buckle, of your choice. (of course all come with a beautiful price tag as well)

I perused the walls of denim and grabbed a pair called SWEET DREAM. exactly what I had been looking for- dark wash, regular length, size 2/26, low rise jeans.
I grabbed a few other choices and headed to the changing rooms.
I tried on the first pair,
a SWEET DREAM indeed!
They rocked! as if they'd been specifically made to fit all "my humps"oh so perfectly,
and frankly they just made me feel HOT.
We were a perfect match, written in the stars, destined to find each other this one day.
and we've been together ever since that moment.
seriously, I yanked off the tags, paid, and walked out of there wearing my Sweet Dreams.
sweet dreams :) finding the perfect pair of jeans gives me a high that I hope remains as long as my jeans are Lucky.

damn i hate shaving.

never-ending cycles.
just like laundry

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

because we're a little weird...
(see slideshow)

We played yet another round of “Never Gonna Get It”
As in, never gonna get one really nice portrait of my two Lummins together.
But at least they’re a guaranteed laugh!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Monday, something wicked and evil came and knocked me on my ass.
I woke up that morning and promptly barfed up my cheerios.
Feeling so icky I snuggled into bed and laid down for what was to become a twenty-hour nap. or something close to that...
Tuesday morning I awoke to Sophie's hushed but extremely excited words,
"Mommy, it's snowing!"
I HAD to get up for that!
I bundled up and headed outside to see the winter weather. Winter, I said.
A mix of icy drizzly, sleety, kind of stuff covered our lawn and deck.
Giant snowflakes fell from the sky between the pelting ice-rain. (I say ice-rain because frankly even after numerous explanations I STILL don't know the difference between sleet and freezing rain. I'll just call it ice-rain.)
Yeah, it was a beautiful sight.
I tapped Sophie on the side of her head and said "Stick this in your memory. We don't see this very often in Austin."
And of course I had to take some pics for that same reason.
big ice storm hits Austin!
(click on this picture to see the rest...)

So now it's Thursday and I'm alive again, but feel like I've lost a week somewhere in between all the ailments, illnesses, and iciness around here.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Been gone again
it’s the same old song.
No time to sit down
and no time to blog.
My funny Lummin antics
and tales of woe,
will remain in my memory
instead of shared with ye.

But now,
I shall recap bits of my long hectic week.
After a good-friend goodbye (she’s moving cross country)
and one last Lauren hug,
I bid her farewell and wept all day long.
Holden is sick with an ear infection and more,
Sophie tripped and caught a big-fat busted lip.
Many hours in waiting rooms we’ve spent.
Aroused many early mornings before sunlight this week,
by crying or screaming child accompanied by his thundering feet.
The Lum husband is gone,
And I’m now feeling like whiny country song.

So that’s how it goes.
When the kids are well
I’ll send them back to school.
I’ll have some time for myself,
to get back to whatever-it-is I normally do.
And we’ll all return to the normal level of insanity around here.

Monday, January 01, 2007

the absentee blogger returns

We spent our Christmas holidays at my parent’s house in Saint Louis, joined by my sister and her three young ones.

We were aiming for a picture of all the grandkids here... ha ha.
all the grandkids

That was one week together with 10 people, 5 of them children, in an older home with creaky floors and small rooms, quite small in the bathroom when you have three other little companions joining you for makeup, toothbrushing, and potty times.
And while it was a noisy time, it was so nice to be with my family!

now we are back to a warmer climate, and a slightly quieter house...
a few more pictures from our trip are here.