Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't Laugh...

after hearing an ad on the radio today, I wrote down the number to participate in a free research study.
for this product.

Friday, April 13, 2007

the funnies over breakfast

Our little conversation at the breakfast table this morning

I was lifting up my shirt to investigate the small cropping of reddish bumps that have made an appearance under my boobies.
Me: "Hm. wish these would go away."

Sophie, checking out my chest:
"Mommy! Your boobies are small! Tiny. They are so small! What happened?"


Me: "But Sophie, were my boobies ever big?"

Soph: "Yes."

Me: "When?"

Soph: "When you were a mommy...even though you're still a mommy. They were big when you were a mommy. But now they're small. So small."

Besides her rambling explanation, I guess it doesn't take much more than a 3 yr old brain to figure out I've got small boobs.

Monday, April 09, 2007

bright eyed and bunny eared

since holden turned two...

he awakes before dawn.
he’s given up his pacifier to sleep in a big boy bed. so now instead of the 15 minute routine of stories then lying down in the crib and sucking his way to dreamland, it’s an hour and many many tries to get him to sleep.
he’s sleeping 2 hours less at nap time and is nothing but crabby the rest of the day.
he can scream for close to an hour nonstop (with intermittent whining it can go on for much longer)
he tries to throw tantrums regularly and it can only be hilarious because it’s so damn ANNOYING!
he likes to cause mischief and does so round the clock. imagine a ping pong ball bouncing from one disaster to the next…
his favorite word is "shit" now that he knows it's bad.

We try to get out of the house everyday, but doing that can take well over an hour. everything has to be a fight. Getting the right color of sippy cup, getting him dressed and changed, eating, brushing his teeth, etc etc…every single freaking step is a fight.
he’s two and that’s just what it is.
I still love him even though I threaten to kill him everyday under my breath and I’m ready for a drink by 10am.

I’ve been so busy, swamped in correcting my children and their horrible behaviors right now, I just don’t get a chance to sit down.
No time to upload pictures and blog even though I’ve had a bijillion things running around in my mind that I’ve wanted to say and share. It’s one of my ways to decompress and I miss it.

I’ve been having a lot more anxiety lately. panic attacks that leave me on the floor. I’m thinking about calling the dr about medicine but I’m scared.
April is a busy mofo of a month and I’m running and running to keep up with the runaway train.