Friday, April 13, 2007

the funnies over breakfast

Our little conversation at the breakfast table this morning

I was lifting up my shirt to investigate the small cropping of reddish bumps that have made an appearance under my boobies.
Me: "Hm. wish these would go away."

Sophie, checking out my chest:
"Mommy! Your boobies are small! Tiny. They are so small! What happened?"


Me: "But Sophie, were my boobies ever big?"

Soph: "Yes."

Me: "When?"

Soph: "When you were a mommy...even though you're still a mommy. They were big when you were a mommy. But now they're small. So small."

Besides her rambling explanation, I guess it doesn't take much more than a 3 yr old brain to figure out I've got small boobs.


TBG said...

Ha give it to Sophie to tell it as it is!

That is hysterical, though I am sure you are not laughing as hard as I am!

Anonymous said...

Don't tell too many people... everyone is going to want to be a temporary mommy!


Mom said...

That Sophie! Nothing gets past her!! You better break the news to her that there's a chance hers won't be very big either.

Marisa said...

I miss my Mommy boobies, too. I am as flat as a 12 yr old boy.

Looks like Sophie is very perceptive. And very direct! OUCH!

ThoughtsGalore said...

I wish I could FedEx you some of mine.

Carrie said...

:P Out of the mouths of babes...:P

Ryan sometimes decides he doesn't want me over (like after I've been babysitting and he was missing mommy and daddy) and will say, 'Na-Na - you need to go home now!'

Oddly, when I bring a gift, like at Easter I got, 'Na-Na, I'm so excited you are here!'

Remind me to pad my bra next time I come visit. :)

wordgirl said...

"Small. So small". I'm imagining an almost mournful tone in her voice when she says this.

Memphis Steve said...

Kids can be so uplifting at times.