Tuesday, October 24, 2006

M's girl
Look at this doll!

I was taking her picture, and stealing her away to snuggle and hold, and taking in deep breaths on the top of her itty bitty head to soak up that "baby" smell that I wish I could bottle and keep forever. i looooove that smell! I would take a sniff everyday.
Her mama looks at me and asks "you gonna have anymore kids?"
NO. but I'll eat yours up as much as I can!!
And when the little one cried, I recorded the sound in my head to play over and over again so I can remember that I definitely positively don't want any more babies.


You wanna new poll yet?
I got one. GO CHECK IT OUT -------->

*just changed the poll answers...go vote again if you did before!

The results from the last poll told me that by a landslide most of you feel when it comes to love, permanence is more important than intensity.
I'm not sure what I think about that. I'm thinking most of my readers are married? And old.
Just kidding! but do ya think if I polled a bunch of 18-25 yr olds they'd go for permanence? uh uh.


I've so far, finished off two and a half bags of chocolate candy that were supposed to be for the Halloween trick-or-treaters (yeah, the 2 kids that might show up). yes finished off two and a half bags so far. yummy yummy little chocolates. they're so small you can't just have one and then you start to see nothing wrong with eating 8 or 10 in one sitting.

So today I got smarter and bought another bag of candy that I know I won't eat.
ok, and then I got just one more bag of chocolates.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

(Chris, don't read this)

I'm sad today and yesterday.
My sister called me in tears Tuesday afternoon (morning for her in Hawaii).
I prepared myself mentally. For I knew why she was in tears.
Someone had died.

My sister is a Marine's wife. She has three kids and lives out in the middle of the ocean. She is alone for the next 7 months while her husband fights in Iraq.
And she'd just learned that her neighbor and friend lost her husband. Her husband was in the same company as my sister's. and that news hit waaaay too close to home!
Her friend will now birth their second child in December as a widow.
It makes me sad, sad, sad, and sick, and so very mad.

It kills me that she lost her husband, that so many have lost their husbands, and sons, and fathers... for senseless and pointless reasons.
I do believe that the present state of Iraq, their government, and our presence there is COMPLETE MADNESS.
I do not care if you agree with me. Nor will I rant on and on about madness over there. or here. or everywhere...

No. But I will tell you it scares me sensleless to imagine this happening to my sister and her family.
How can she live with the constant ball of worry that her door may be the next knocked upon?
Does she plant that ball in the back of her brain and bury it over with the everyday routines and goings. with prayers. with love for a world full of baby bottoms and messy house...


Monday, October 16, 2006


HELLO- Mr. Sunshine returns and starts to dry up all the rain.

GOODBYE rainy day
goodbye rain
see that blue sky peekin through?

after the Sunday showers.

-HELLO and GOODBYE are the given words for this Weekend's Word Challenge -by OddMix.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I am a mother
And I am a wife
A daughter and sister
I am a friend
And I am me.

Me is someone who hides in these other roles much of the time, but needs to come out regularly for a breath of fresh air.
I like to take Me out. She’s usually a good fun time. She’s real. She’s good conversation and silliness too.

My Me:
Likes to cuss
Plays loud music
Smokes Marlboro UltraLights
Farts and then sniffs

This Mommy:
Loves to watch and guide her children as they discover and explore their world
Tries to make every outing an exciting adventure (even if it’s just a lame trip to the grocery store)
Is loving and giving
Is tired everyday

This Daughter/Sister:
Loves yakking on the phone
Keeps close
Shares funny and troubling stories about the kids
Thrives on their love and comfort

This Wife:
Is a hot lover
Sometimes nags and complains
Wants to be near her man

This Friend:
Talks sex, poop, and juicy gossip
Cries together
Listens to and shares the daily stresses and deepest troubles

These are not the only parts in my “role resume” but the most prominent on a daily going…
Together they form Me, but I also know that my Me is a separate entity that can sometimes collide with my other duties.
So I’m constantly aiming to achieve that golden balance where all my selves are evenly nurtured and played with. (I’m a Libra ya know…always trying balance those scales…)

I think it’s a shame when someone loses their Me. Whether driven down by being a constant mother/housekeeper, or when the powerhouse workaholics can’t detach from their jobs…
I’m just sayin- we must all take our ME out for spin every now and then!
(of course on the flip side we all know people that play a little too much with their Me and tend to forget about their other roles and responsibilities) …so don’t go overboard)

So I’m curious, is your Me just a configuration of your daily roles in life, or does your Me exist outside of your roles?

Do you let your Me out of the closet regularly for exercise?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just in case you were wondering...

~We had a nice rain yesterday

october 10


flower picker

~Sophie now has her own imaginary friend, Eddie.
I always knew Sophie would be the type of child to have an imaginary friend. It scares some people. but I just have fun and go with it...
Eddie likes to jump on the sofa a lot. He tells Sophie what to do, which is actually another way of Sophie trying to get away with shit... (like when Eddie says she doesn't have to eat her vegetables or clean up her toys, etc)
After inquiring, I've learned that Eddie is actually a toad.

~All it takes to keep Holden entertained is 4 beans and 2 plastic containers.
And he'll play for a good fifteen minutes (that's LONG TIME in toddler-time!)
just 4 beans and 2 plastic containers
back and forth, back and forth pouring the beans from container to container.

I'm also making Holden wash dishes now since he's quite content to play at a sink full of soapy water and dirty dishes for 20 minutes. Seriously. He just pours and pours from dish to dish over and over. It's mess afterward, but who cares it's only water!
Both great activities while I cook dinner.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday!
My girl carrie came in from houston to help celebrate the weekend, as well as my Lauren and weinie dog Oscar. And of course my Lummins and Dwayne!
Friday night we had a fun little celebration at home. with balloons to chase around, birthday hats to wear, and cake to eat (two of them!). singing, silliness, presents, beer...just good times.
Some pictures from Friday here.

And than Saturday was the big party downtown at the Belmont!! SO FUN!
pics from that night are here.

I am a quite proud of the fact that for being THIRTY years old now, for drinking all night and going to bed at 4am, and then awakening at 7:30am with the Lummins- I did very well!
not even a hangover. just verrrrrrry tired and slow.

I think the secret is:
gorge your face at Whataburger at 2am and eat til you run out of money.
then take two advil with a glass of water before passing out.

thankfully I don't get to put this into practice very much...
but you only turn thirty once!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Well today is the last day of my twenties!
I celebrated by getting my annual OBGYN exam. I know...such a treat for myself.
"please spread your legs so I can stick this cold, uncomfortably metal tool inside your ---"
Yes, fun. Even more fun was waiting an hour and half to actually see the doctor, which half of was spent shivering in a freezing cold exam room, covered only in goose bumps and the paper-thin gown they provided.

But my much better real birthday present...
my birthday present
new tattoo I've been wanting for months.

I wanted something to cover up that little sun I had done when I was 17- the WOOHOO! I'M ON SPRING BREAK IN PADRE LET'S ALL GET MATCHING TATTOOS thing.
I like this new one. It's colorful and swirly and will look even better as it heals!

Go on and have a drink with me for my 30th tomorrow!!

p.s. I do believe I was officially born at 10:29 am, so therefore you have my permission to crack open the beer and cocktails before noon!