Monday, January 14, 2008

beginning again

See this guy?


That’s our boy Holden.
After meeting Holden, one might describe him as a boy of high energy exploding and rebounding off all walls/tables/doors/people in the room at all hours of the day (and sometimes night).

He’s an imp who constantly seeks out trouble. If he’s not tearing into all forbidden items in the house, he’s perpetually practicing evil deeds on his sister and making her cry.
and all the while perfecting his sinister villain laugh. Ha ha ha ha ha

Don’t try and tell him differently. about anything. you will not win. he‘s two (almost three) and that’s how it goes.

Arising near dawn everyday, he has mastered the skills of secretly creeping from his room while we’re asleep. With flashlight in hand he heads downstairs scheming, plotting, arranging stools and chairs and whatnots, and then…
each day holds a new surprise as to what Holden has been into!

Some momentous discoveries-

all the Christmas presents holden unwrapped, before Christmas.
Tossing those aside he deemed unworthy (aka-all of sophie’s presents)
he gathered his favorites and lugged them upstairs. At 6am we awoke to holden dragging a giant truck around our room whispering, “please Mommy you open this?”

the candy fiesta holden hosted at 6am in Sophie’s room.
Shortly after Halloween, he retrieved the Halloween baskets high atop our mantle and a pair of scissors from the drawer. He ventured to Sophie’s room to wake her. then convinced her to cut open all the candies.
They were busted at 6:15 with their massive candy picnic- half devoured and half spread across the floor in colorful arrangements.

the masterpiece in our master bathroom.
Holden was quite proud of the world’s largest green-tea-bath-gel mosaic he’d created all across our bathtub, floors, and countertops. Overwhelmingly fragrant and sticky, at least the bathroom smelled fresh and pretty.

the list goes on and on.
and we are the proud owners of holden. full of creativity and boundless energy.


TBG said...

he sounds like lots of fun!

Welcome Back Lucky!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!

Oh I've wondered how the world of Lum's was going. That boy is getting so big!

Never a dull moment!


Tammy said...

I have one just like him.

His name is Fumble. We should get them together. In a rubber room.

Kelly said...

Welcome Back! LMAO at the candy feast!

Kat said...

What's that you say about him being loud and wild and crazy? Surely he didn't get that from you? You've always been so.very.calm. and quiet. hahahaha :)

I am laughing so hard at all three of those stories!

I slept on sis's couch Christmas Eve in case Ryan wandered down early. :) hahahaha

The Kept Woman said...

I've got his soulmate right up here for him when they're like 28.